Guillaume ROLLIN




I obtained my Ph.D. in the PhAs group of the Institut UTINAM at CNRS/Université de Franche Comté in 2015. This work are on the border between chaotic systems and astrophysics. I studied the possible capture of dark matter particles (WIMPs) by three body process and the behavior of the related dynamics. Moreover I studied the perturbed trajectory of comets due to many-body interactions. This work focuses on the three body problem and on the associated chaotic behavior.

In addition to the study of the dynamics of complex systems, I currently work on the physics analysis of complex networks (APEX & GNETWORKS projects). This work takes place in the ΦTh team of the Institut UTINAM. I am currently devoting these two fields of research to the study of ecological systems.

In parallel, I wrote a Master degree thesis in epistemology devoted to the relationship between the Free Will problem and the contemporary sciences (Physics and Neurosciences). This work is a part of the "Madelhis" Master of the Université de Lorraine.